Happy Birthday To Me

Josh wants a space pirate party for his sixth birthday. I’m working out the details. In the meantime, I celebrated the big 4-3 yesterday. It was quite an extravaganza. When you’re a grown up, you have to squeeze your birthday into the rest of an adult day. You don’t get 24 hours off from being the mom.

Here are some highlights:

  • Field trip to the orchestra with Miriam’s sixth grade class. The students were told to dress nicely; I was astonished by the high heels on some of the girls.
  • Lunch with Mom and Dad. No birthday is complete without the people who made you possible.
  • Puppet-making with Sammy and the fourth graders. Green hair. Eyes made from beads and pins. Velvet capes. Sammy’s creation speaks with a British accent.
  • Home to let out the dog. Onyx does not know it is my birthday. He did not send a card.
  • One clay heart with “Happy 43rd Birthday” etched on the back.
  • A t-shirt: “Obey the Black Lab.”
  • Dangly earrings from Kim (the next best thing to an extra sister.)
  • A birthday banner decorated with sparkle markers.
  • Costco run for strawberries and cream puffs. Party treats for Saturday night.
  • A round of weed whacking on the front and back lawns.
  • Trip to Jax Kar Wash for a free birthday wash (Josh: Why do they spell car with a k?)
  • Birthday pie – raspberry or caramel apple… or both.
  • Endless birthday wishes on Facebook. Now that’s the way to make a person feel loved!

I also found out that my garage needs major repairs, but I prefer to think about that tomorrow (on Tara?) And my husband is sick, so I had to wash all the dinner dishes and put the kids to bed myself.

But really, it was a terrific birthday. If I had taken the day off, I would have missed it all.


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