The Treadmill

I knew I loved my husband, but now I love him more.

Two days ago, an unassuming man from Exerspecial spent an hour in my basement assembling our new treadmill. I won’t get into the gory details about how the various pieces of this monstrosity made it downstairs (thank you, Jon Hirsch). Suffice to say that it was heavy, packing tape is no match for a giant cardboard box, and we only dinged the basement stairwell once.

When the assembly guy was finished, I had to catch my breath. “Is your husband very tall?” he asked, checking the clearance between the treadmill and the ceiling. Thankfully, no, he is not.

This thing is gigantic. Possibly the biggest piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever seen. Or maybe that’s because it’s the only piece of exercise equipment (besides the Wii Fit board) I’ve ever seen in my basement.

The children are enthralled, though Josh has been warned not to go near it without adult supervision, lest he go flying through the air. (“Mommy, do you really think someone could run 15 miles an hour?”) I watched “Mrs. Brown” on DVD through three 30-minute workouts, a movie I have wanted to see for a long time. (Judi Dench is remarkable, but you probably already knew that; unlike me, you probably go to the movies more than once a year.)

The dog, unfortunately, is quite confused. Onyx doesn’t get it. When I put on my running clothes, that is his signal to meet me at the side door for an outing. Instead, I have been faking him out. I go to the mudroom, which leads to both the basement and the side door, and then I disappear.

This morning we went for a long walk first. When we returned home, I headed for the treadmill and the DVD player. If you have any good film suggestions, send them my way. I plan to catch up on my movie-watching this winter. Oh yeah … and get some exercise too.


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