Night Owl

I knew something was off balance when I reset the thermostat timer.

For years, it automatically dropped to 66 degrees at 11 p.m., giving me just enough time to brush my teeth and snuggle up with the heated mattress pad and my husband before the house got too chilly.

Then something changed. Night after night, I found myself turning up the temperature just before bed.

Why was my house suddenly so cold?

Why? Because I was going to bed after midnight. That’s why. So about a month ago, I reset the timer from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Problem solved, sort of. I’m warmer, but not that well-rested.

Because the big day is just over a week away, I am going to blame my late hours on bat mitzvah preparations.  Cakes to order, honors to disperse, a Torah reading to learn (mine!), a bat mitzvah girl to supervise, caterers to bug, colors to choose.

And just six months ago we didn’t even know if we still had a synagogue. It’s been quite a wild ride. Not only do we have a shul, but it’s a vibrant, lively place, full of energy and enthusiasm. My daughter will be our community’s third bat mitzvah in as many months.

On Wednesday morning — a day after she turned 13 according to the Hebrew calendar — Miriam donned her new tallit and joined the morning minyan with her grandparents. My father showed her how to say the blessing and wrap herself for prayer.

Tomorrow she will revise her Dvar Torah, review the service one last time with her great-great uncle, and put the finishing touches on her centerpieces.

I will buy more soda and ice, call the rental guy about coat racks, and say a little prayer for mild winter weather. I know already that the next eight days are all about details.

Next weekend is all about Miriam.

Come February 6, I’m resetting the thermostat again. Back to 11 p.m.


3 thoughts on “Night Owl

  1. This reminds me of 1985 when I was a visiting student for the winter term at the University of York in England. The heating in the dormitory automatically turned off at midnight.

    I’d be sitting in my room and would hear a little “click!” My whole body would fill with terror. Turns out it was the coldest winter they’d had for years and years.

    My gut still sinks at the memory.

    Can’t wait to see my niece become a Bat Mitzvah!


  2. Just want to wish you all the best on your daughter’s bat mitzvah! My daughter, Rebecca, became a bat mitzvah last year at the same time…Feb. 6, 2010…amidst our biggest blizzard of the year! Wishing you mild weather and a wonderful time. Mazel tov!!!


  3. OUr furnace went on the blink last night. And came back on this morning! Mazal Tov. Oh what a wonderful time in your lives this is. The thermostat on your kvell meter will be in overdrive.


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