The Calm During the Storm

The bat mitzvah countdown is officially upon us, and I am strangely calm. So calm that when my six-year-old told me yesterday (for the second day in a row) that he had looked everywhere, but still couldn’t find his snow boots at school, I took him to Famous Footwear at 5 pm, on the cusp of the snowstorm. It turns out that if you can find your size this time of year, you can get a really good deal on superhero boots.

A few things are slightly off balance. One set of grandparents and an aunt will arrive later than anticipated, and there is the possibility of an ice delay in Dallas, but otherwise it appears that everyone will make it to Detroit in time for the festivities this weekend.

There are a few things I can control: the dog will go on vacation tomorrow (thank you, Doggie in the Window), I have the right color stockings and a great pair of boots to match my new dress; the tags have been removed from the kippot; my Torah reading is – if not perfect – good enough to be proud of; the car is filled with centerpieces, candles and place cards for the Friday night caterer. And of course there is the bat mitzvah princess herself: poised, prepared and on top of her thank-you notes.

The boys might bicker … David’s aunt is sick and will be sorely missed if she doesn’t make a quick recovery … someone’s fingers will be too cold … someone else won’t like the lunch selection … but all in all we are in excellent shape.

The weather? Out of my hands.

We  have spent months studying together, planning menus, choosing invitations and discussing the finer points of what it means to celebrate becoming a Jewish adult. I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter and our family.

Miriam and her friends created the centerpieces themselves – a hodge-podge of photos and flowers and mixed up containers. I anticipate a weekend as perfect as those centerpieces: unpredictable, beautiful and utterly unique.

I intend to enjoy every moment of it.


One thought on “The Calm During the Storm

  1. Hi, Susan – At this point, based on my experience, I would say it’s all on auto-pilot, including all the stuff that’s mamash outside your hands. Sounds like you are in the appropriate zone and it’s going to be blissful. b’hatzlaha!


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