Running in the Dark

The text messages started at 5:06 AM: wind chill is minus 3. sorry I’m staying in 😦

Mechelle was out, but Renee and I decided to give it a go. Three of us run together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Call us crazy, but we’re dedicated. Just knowing that someone is waiting under the streetlamp at Newport and Hart is usually enough to get me out of bed at 5 AM. weather

Mechelle sends weather reports on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Lately it’s been too crazy cold for all of us. Renee draws the line at single digits, while Mechelle relies on wind chill. I’ll try any temperature once, just to see if my strategic layering works.

Yesterday, predicted 12 degrees with a wind chill of 5. After the bitterly cold week that had just passed, 12 sounded positively balmy. And really, I missed my friends. The treadmill always seems like a good idea, but it’s boring. I had been nursing a sprained ligament, and missed a couple of weeks already. I desperately needed to get outside. Even in the dark and frigid air.

So I bundled up: thermal top, long sleeve shirt, fleece, two layers of pants, insulated mittens, thermal face mask, reflective vest, miner’s light. I looked like a ninja crossing guard.

Renee and I completed an abbrclockeviated loop to ease back into our routine. I heard about her family’s Caribbean cruise and the mix-up with her grad school course registration. She’s up-to-date on my daughter’s trip to New York and the saga of my injured knee.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re back on track. Better yet, the forecast looks promising for the coming week, with a low of 18 on Tuesday. Yeah, that’s cold. But nothing we can’t handle.


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